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James Bond Characters: The Supporting People in 007's World

A variety of James Bond characters have featured in the 007 movies. Some have provided vital support to Bond in the field whilst others work at MI6 in the British Secret Service.

The main recurring characters in 007's world are M, Miss Moneypenny, Q and Felix Leiter. Here is a quick summary of the main James Bond characters:


The stern and imposing boss of James Bond and head of MI6 is M. He is known for sending Agent 007 on missions from his opulent London office. As much as M admires Bond's work on assignment, he loathes his uncivilised deeds. M has been played by Bernard Lee, Robert Brown, and Judi Dench in the official Bond movie series.

Miss Moneypenny

The extremely dependable secretary for M is Miss Moneypenny. She is known for her can-do attitude and has a high regard for Agent 007, MI6's top agent. Before Bond departs on his missions, he often enjoys a bit of casual banter with the delightful Miss Moneypenny. The character of Miss Moneypenny has been portrayed by three different actresses: Lois Maxwell, Caroline Bliss and Samantha Bond.


The person responsible for providing field equipment for James Bond is Q. He is the head of MI6's Q Branch and is renowned for producing uncanny gadgets that often save 007's life. Q is in charge of a laboratory that creates state-of-the-art devices for Agent 007. Q has been played by Desmond Llewelyn and John Cleese.

Felix Leiter

Bond's loyal ally in the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is Felix Leiter. He has often befriended 007 on various missions and featured in nine official Bond movies. Leiter has been portrayed by various actors in the 007 film series. David Hedison and Jeffrey Wright are the only actors to have played Felix Leiter on two occasions.

General Anatol Gogol

General Gogol is head of the KGB and appeared in six Bond movies. He is portrayed by Walter Gotell and known for his interactions with MI6 and Agent 007 on a variety of missions.

Sir Frederick Gray

The Minister of Defence for the British government, Sir Frederick Gray, is known for providing James Bond with vital information during mission briefings. He appears in six 007 films and is portrayed by Geoffrey Keen.

Bill Tanner

Appearing four times in the 007 movie series, Bill Tanner, is MI6's Chief of Staff. Tanner is known for giving crucial support to James Bond on assignment. Michael Kitchen is the only actor to play Bill Tanner twice.

Charles Robinson

The Chief of Staff for M, Charles Robinson, provides important support to James Bond. He works alongside M and is responsible for the safety of Agent 007. He is played by Colin Salmon and appears in three Bond movies.

Sheriff J W Pepper

One of the notable James Bond characters is the colourful Louisiana policeman Sheriff Pepper. He is portrayed by Clifton James and appears in two 007 movies.

Jack Wade

Working for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Jack Wade assists Agent 007 on two missions. He is portrayed by Joe Don Baker and known for his casual attire and contempt of the British methods.

Valentin Zukovsky

Ex-KGB agent Valentin Zukovsky provides indirect support to James Bond on two missions. He is portrayed by Robbie Coltrane and uses his criminal connections to give inside information to 007.

René Mathis

One of the most recent James Bond characters is René Mathis. He is a reliable ally to Agent 007 in two Bond movies and is portrayed by Giancarlo Giannini. Mathis is known for giving Bond vital support in Montenegro and Bolivia.

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