Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Britney Spears sleep with paparazzi?

Britney Spears in romured sleeping with a paparazzi in Peninsula Hotel. Heres the statements giving to OK Magazines on which photograoher named Andan is the said paparazzi whos Britney sleep with him. How lucky he is..tsk tsk stk!!
Brit made her way to the Peninsula Hotel, where Adnan is waiting to escort her up to a room. An hour later, Adnan left the hotel for a few minutes to buy cigarettes. When asked if there's any romance going on he responds cryptically, "It's hard to make babies when you're just having lunch."
After scoring some smokes from the photogs, Adnan retreated to the hotel room where he remained until 10:25 a.m.! Upon leaving, he joked to his fellow snappers that he and Brit are getting hitched, which some insiders think might not be unbelievable. "He's one of the hotter-looking photographers out there," one insider tells OK!. "He and Brit have been flirting for months now. He's always the one to pump her gas, or hold her car door open for her, or run crowd-control to help her out. He always puts himself in the position of being the knight in shining armor."
It appears that the love-fest isn't over, as Adnan drove from the hotel to Britney's house, where he remained into early Sunday afternoon, around the same time Britney is supposed to be visited by her two young boys.


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